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Remi the protected manatee of Bayahibe

Since 2019, Remi is the manatee that has made the beaches of Bayahibe her home. Noted for his very docile and friendly behavior, she has won the hearts of locals and visitors. She enjoys human company and following and playing with the divers. In February 2021, the Dominican Foundation for Maritime Studies (FUNDEMAR) was able to observe some wounds on the animal's back, the result of a possible collision with a boat. These marks were used to track Remi.

This particular story motivated the canidian diving instructor Lise Menard. From her passion for the sea comes a beautiful project with which Lise wants to tell stories of the sea through a series of books and videos that motivate children to fall in love with the sea and serve as an educational tool for schools and colleges in the Dominican Republic. She has written the book ''Remi, the lost manatee'' which tells her story to educate children about animal abuse. Foundations are now actively engaged in raising awareness and creating ways to protect the manatee. With a little luck, you will be able to observe the manatee recreating on the beaches of Bayahibe.


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