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BAYAHIBE - When you follow the Padre Nuestro trail, you will find Chicho’s cave, which is one of the most outstanding underground caves in the country. It is located within the Cotubanamá National Park, its deep and crystalline aquamarine waters attract many visitors. It also contains numerous petroglyphs that affirm the presence of the Tainos in this place.


In its beginnings Padre Nuestro was a small community of 180 families, in 2003, the community was relocated to the outskirts of the National Park and Padre Nuestro became a reserve, where today, visitors can walk the 2-kilometer trail along the forest and discover the caves and springs with petroglyphs and the art of the Tainos.

Part of the springs in this area have petroglyphs on their walls, which, for the ancient inhabitants of the area, made them authentic temples full of magic and spirituality. The water from these caves and springs are the main providers of water for the people of Bayahibe.

You can immerse yourself in its sweet and blue waters, or if you are a certified diver, you can venture deeper with a dive guide that you can book with us. 

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