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Padre Nuestro Trail to Chicho´s Cave

One of the most remarkable subterranean caverns in the nation, Chicho's cave, may be reached at Bayahibe by following the Padre Nuestro trail. Its deep, pristine blue seas draw a large number of tourists every year; the park is located there. Additionally, it is rich with petroglyphs that attest to the long-standing presence of the Tainos people.

Once home to a mere 180 families, Padre Nuestro was transformed into a reserve in 2003 after being forcibly relocated to the park's periphery. Caves and springs adorned with petroglyphs and Tainos art can be explored by visitors today along a 2-kilometer trail that winds through the forest.

For the indigenous people who lived here in the past, the petroglyphs on the walls of some of the springs gave them a sacred, magical status. Bayahibe residents rely on water supplies from these springs and caverns.​ Indulge in the tranquil blue waters or, for expert divers, arrange for a dive guide to take you further with our services.

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