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Magallanes Beach

"A local favourite"

magallanes beach

The majority of the foreign residents in Bayahibe likely consider this beach to be their favorite. Located in a secluded cove, it commands a breathtaking panorama of the Caribbean. Unless there's a significant amount of wind, the water will remain perfectly calm and transparent. The best snorkeling in the vicinity is the main reason this beach is famous.

One of Bayahibe's "secret jewels" was this. Its position, which is far from business, means that it is seldom crowded. You won't find any restaurants or loungers here, and the noise level is quite low. Strolling around the rocks, you may spot the little pools that have developed as a result of erosion. We advise wearing reef shoes if you intend to explore, as rocks and coral formations can be sharp.

Except for a narrow strip of sandy area that provides access to the water, the seafloor is mostly composed of rocks. Keep an eye out for sea urchins on the bottom rocks if you're only interested in swimming. We are really concerned for the marine life in this stunning area, so if you do decide to stroll along the rocks, please do so with extreme caution around the coral and sea urchins.

You can drive right up to the shore, but be cautious because there isn't actually any parking.

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