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The best diving center of the village

Bayahibe is located on the south coast of the Dominican Republic showing off its Caribbean paradise with plenty of vibrant dive sites, mainly located in shallow depth at around 12m / 40ft.

From the city, you can explore many dive sites (reef and wrecks) within a few minutes by boat or even close to the beaches. In the village of Bayahibe and in the Dominicus area, it is possible to find a diving club affiliated with PADI (Professional Association of diving instructors).


Bayahibe is one of the best hotspot for scuba diving in the Dominican Republic featuring over 20 official dive sites, including three shipwrecks - the Atlantic Princess, St. George and Coco. Crystal clear, calm Caribbean waters make it an excellent spot for diving and snorkeling in this area. Or join us to Isla Catalina to dive at the breathtaking Catalina Wall and vibrant Aquarium. The excellent sea conditions allow to dive about 350 days a year. The dive spots are home to hundreds of tropical fish and plant life making each site unique and special, not to mention exceptional night dives. 


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