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Being a Caribbean and tropical country, our traditional drinks are fruity and refreshing.Typical smoothies: Smoothies are made with evaporated milk and various fruits such as papaya, sapote, plum, soursop, etc. The most common tropical fruits to make natural juices are cherry or acerola, Chinola (known internationally as passion fruit), beet, carrot, orange and lemon, and tamarind juice. There is also the fruit punch, which is mostly orange or lemon juice with different
chopped fruits such as pineapple and melon.


Morir Soñando (translated as dying dreaming) is a typical Dominican drink and it is a combination of lemon or orange juice with milk. It is consumed in the afternoons for a snack. Mabi is a drink that is only found in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is a fermented drink made from the bark of a tree called Indian behuco, sugar and spices. Its flavor isinitially sweet with a bitter aftertaste.

Mamajuana is a strong herbal drink, made with a fermented blend of cured tree barks, herbs, red wine, and rum. It is said to have medicinal properties. To celebrate and share with friends, beer is drunk and the most popular is the
Dominican Presidente beer and also Dominican Rum Brugal in its different versions.

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