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The Springs of Bayahibe

The village of Bayahibe is notable for its numerous fountains, which, when placed around the town, form picturesque natural ponds and round out the breathtaking view of the bay. Due to its status as the sole water source for both the local population and tourist attractions, the Padre Nuestro area—consisting of caverns about two kilometers up the mountain—has been annexed to the Parque Nacional del Este. In other parts of the park, you may find fountains that, in pre-Columbian times, allowed for the formation of several communities; currently, these are only archeological relics.

This town's youthful leader, Gelen Brito, exemplifies the ideals of environmental activism by centering development on the cultural and natural resources that her community has to offer. The lovely vice mayor has taken home the province selections national award for youth advocacy and environmental protection for the second year running.

The Bayahibe springs have served as a gathering place for locals for generations.In its immediate vicinity, you can readily find shards of ancient pottery, stone, and shells. Jagüeyes were sacred locations in pre-Columbian culture.The name Bayahibe that the Tainos picked was probably associated with water, says prominent historian Adolfo López Belando.

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