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Playa, rosas y manantiales


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Ages 5-85, max of 20 per group

Duration: 2h 30m

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Live guide: English, Italian, Spanish

Explore Playa Rosa and Los Manantiales de Bayahibe with Eduard Santana

Join Eduard Santana on an unforgettable journey through Bayahibe, an enchanting village where history, culture, and natural beauty come together. This unique daily tour offers an authentic glimpse into the life of Bayahibe, enriched by the incredible stories and resilience of Eduard, a native of this charming town.

Eduard Santana, born and raised in Bayahibe

Eduard has been guiding tourists and locals alike for about a year through what is known affectionately as "El pueblo incantado" (The Enchanted Village). A former entertainer at Viva Dominicus, Eduard's life took an unexpected turn following an accident that left him wheelchair-bound. However, his spirit remains unbroken, embodying the indomitable Dominican resilience to thrive against all odds.

Tour Highlights:

  • Start from the iconic Bayahibe sign, welcoming all to the village.

  • Discover the Rosa de Bayahibe, the protected flower symbolizing the Dominican Republic.

  • Explore the "7 Manantiales," a series of freshwater springs connected by underground rivers, where you can swim and feed diverse fish and turtles.

  • Wander hidden paths to traditional wooden homes and witness breathtaking sunsets.

  • Enjoy tastings of local delicacies such as homemade ice cream, empanadas, and fresh fruit.

Tour Details:

  • Administered by Edward Santana, the mind behind the Facebook and Instagram pages "Recuerdos de Bayahibe."

  • Cost: RD$1000 (~€30), free for children, and lasts approximately 2 hours.

  • Available in Italian to break any language barriers.

This tour is not just a sightseeing experience; it is a deep dive into the heart of Bayahibe's past and present. Often, guests in all-inclusive hotels claim they've visited Bayahibe, but truly experiencing Bayahibe means stepping out and connecting with the local culture through Eduard's eyes.

Book your tour now and truly say you've experienced Bayahibe!

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