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Bayahibe Beach

The public beach at Bayahibe, which is strategically located next to the Hilton Resort, can be reached by foot in just ten minutes from the Altea Lodge, Tribe, and our main lobby. Along the route, you will come across a variety of shops, tour operators, and restaurants that provide a wide range of cuisines, including both regional and international specialties. Beach facilities such as sun loungers, hammocks, and umbrellas are available for rent right on the sand, and typical Dominican cuisine may be found at food establishments located in close proximity to the beach. Do not pass up the opportunity to indulge in the tasty fried fish, which is a well-liked dish in the area.


Sundays are the day when the beach comes to life, with large Dominican families looking to relax and enjoy picnics on the beach. The swimming area is well-protected, and vessels are maintained at a safe distance from it, despite the fact that it is located in close proximity to Bayaba's port. The water is normally quiet and clean, making it ideal for a peaceful swim, despite the fact that the ocean floor may contain boulders that are scattered about. Be on the lookout for starfish that are resting along the shoreline, but ensure that you do not disturb them because they are dependent on water for their survival.


Even though diving is not recommended, there are opportunities to watch fish whenever there is a tiny reef nearby. Despite the absence of lifeguards, there is plenty of shade provided by trees in the vicinity, which provides relief from the midday sun. For those who would rather walk, there is a scenic alternative in the form of a leisurely stroll along the coast. Convenient parking is located behind the restaurants, making it easy to access the area by car.

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