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Bayahibe Beach

playa bayahibe

Located near the Hilton Resort, the public beach of Bayahibe is approximately a ten-minute walk from Altea Lodge and Tribe as well as our main lobby. On the way to this beach, you'll pass almost every store and tour operator in town, as well as numerous restaurants serving both local and international cuisine. You can rent sun loungers, hammocks, and umbrellas right on the beach. There are also a number of eateries serving traditional Dominican cuisine, so you can easily fuel up on beachside fare all day long. We highly suggest sampling the fried fish; it's both tasty and authentically local.

The beach is bustling with people on Sundays since large Dominican families prefer to come here to unwind and use the beach as a makeshift kitchen.
The bathing area is protected, and boats are maintained at a safe distance, even though this beach is near the port of Bayahibe. There are a few rocks scattered throughout the sandy bottom of the ocean. Rubber shoes are optional, though some people like them. The water is usually quiet and pristine on nice days, but clouds can roll in at any moment due to factors like wind, rain, and currents. It is quite unusual for waves to occur anywhere in Bayahibe Bay. You can see every boat and catamaran docked in the harbor and bay from this vantage point.

If you're lucky, you could even spot starfish resting on the beach. We beg you not to remove them from the water, as they are unable to breathe on their own. But come have a look at them if you're fortunate enough to find them. I just adore these. We do not advise diving at this location, however there is a tiny reef where you could view fish.
This beach does not have lifeguards. You can find plenty of trees to shield yourself from the sun as it rises in the middle of the day.
Parking is conveniently located behind the restaurants, so you can also reach the beach by car. Walking down the coast is the most direct route if you prefer that kind of transportation.

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