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Among the Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic boasts a diverse topography: in a few hours of travel you can go from a sunny sandy beach to a cool mountain town at 500 meters above sea level. In fact, in addition to the thousands of kilometers of coastline with beaches of fine white sand and water of extraordinary beauty, in the Dominican Republic we also find impressive mountain ranges, the most important of which is the Central Cordillera, dominated by the Pico Duarte with its 3,087 meters. The protected areas occupy 25% of the territory and are easily accessible.

While traveling to this wonderful island it will be possible to observe humpback whales in the Samana bay, flamingos in the Oviedo Lagoon, the American crocodile that populates Lake Enriquillo, a saltwater lake larger than Manhattan, located at the lowest point of the Caribbean, 40 meters below sea level. You can visit marine and mountain national parks and immense forests immersed in the fog in Constanza. You will find rivers interspersed with waterfalls, green valleys rich in vegetation, coniferous forests where temperatures touch zero and coral reefs where turtles nest. Then there are ancient Taino caves set in dense rainforests. In short, it will be difficult to choose what will excite you more

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