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DOminicus beach

"A little slice of heaven"


It is one of the beaches in the Dominican Republic that is the longest, and it has a gorgeous white sand that is soft and sparkly looking. There are a lot of hotels in the neighborhood that use this beach, however it is open to the general public.

The fact that this beach was the first in the Caribbean to receive the blue flag certification is a very significant fact. This certification indicates that the beach satisfies high-quality standards, maintains the necessary conditions for sustainable management and care, and educates both the local community and visitors about the importance of preserving coastal and marine spaces.

The waters of Dominicus beach are crystal clear and quiet, making it an ideal location for swimming due to its stunning blue color. In addition, it is an ideal location for scuba diving due to the presence of stunning and vibrant coral reefs. You are free to stroll down the beach and take in the sights of the snails that are scattered throughout the water. Several eateries and souvenir shops that are typical of the area may be found in the vicinity of the beach. You have the option of renting umbrellas, chairs, tables, and lounge chairs if you decide to do so.

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