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Rivers and Waterfalls

The Dominican Republic is a land particularly rich in rivers from which lakes and waterfalls originate. Rivers, in addition to being necessary sources of water for agriculture or livestock farming, are also one of the main attractions of the country.

Some rivers can be traveled by boat with organized excursions or can be navigated by kayak as in the case of the Rio Chavon, near La Romana and famous for having appeared in the film Apocalipse Now. On one of the banks of the river, in a raised position, we find a striking and elegant building, called Alto de Chavon, from which you can admire the river in all its beauty. Other rivers, such as the Rio Yaque del Norte, having a large flow originate, along their path,  rapids for lovers of rafting.

The Rio Yaque, in particular, is the most important in the country with its 300 km of course that go from Pico Duarte to flow into the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to being a great attraction for young and old people, it guarantees the water supply to the lands of Jarabacoa and the Cibao valley. The Cibao Valley is also crossed by the Yuna River, the second in the country, which flows into the Bay of Samanà. To the south, in the province of Barahona, rivers and waterfalls are among the main excursion destinations. Along the road to reach Pedernales and immediately after Barahona you will find two points where the San Rafael and Los Patos rivers reach the sea, forming natural pools with emerald green water.

The waterfalls, a source of great curiosity for tourists and non-tourists alike, are located in more and less easily accessible positions. Some hidden in the tropical forests accessible only after long hours of walking, others reachable with the help of donkeys or horses and others, located on more beaten paths, easy to reach even with younger children.

The most visited are: in the north, in the Samanà peninsula, very suggestive and with a height of about 30 meters we find the Limon waterfall. In the center, in the Jarabacoa region, the Bayguate and Jimenoa leaps recall the Jurassic Era for their conformation and beauty. In the province of Puerto Plata, on the other hand, we not only find single waterfalls but also an impressive series of waterfalls immersed in a rocky landscape where visitors can dive into natural pools or let themselves be carried away by the current, the 27 Charcos de Damajagua are therefore the waterfalls most visit in the country. Finally, going south, in the province of Monte Plata, we remember the Salto Alto which falls majestically for about 24 meters and the Salto de Socoa, with clear waters and easily accessible because it is located along the Santo Domingo-Samanà highway.

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