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Saona Island: canto de la playa

Wild beach with miles of white and pink coral sand, crystal clear water and impressive palm groves. It takes the name "canto" in spanish for its angular shape.

You will not find deckchairs and umbrellas, just a private house built by Dr. Franco Gonzalvo.

Dr. Gonzalvo came from a wealthy family from la Romana.

Working as CEO of Central Romana he never practiced medicine.

There are many legends that tell why was given the opportunity to him to continue to own that house.. Some say he even saved President Balaguer from a mysterious illnes

The truth is that the Gonzalvos were the owners of the land of "canto de la playa" and in the 60s they had already built the first house. The current residence was built in the 70s and was inherited by the daughter of Franco Gonzalvo after his death

In 1972, President Balaguer declared Isla Saona part of the East National Park (Cotubanamá) and he carried out the expropriation of all land. The doctor’s house, for political reasons, remains the property of the Gonzalvo family.

The Doctor’s house from 1970 to nowadays remains the only building in a beautiful pristine beach.

Many envy the daughter of Doctor Franco and many others instead think that nature should be the only protagonist of this fantastic beach


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