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Tourist Arrivals in the DR by Airway - FEBRUARY 2020

Tourist Arrivals in the DR by Airway - FEBRUARY 2020. February : - 8.8 %. Accumulated January-February:  - 9.0% The Tables of Giacomo di Lauro Giacomo di Lauro Bayahibe / Santo Domingo. According to data from the Central Bank , in February 2020, arrivals of non-resident foreign visitors by air registered a decrease of 8.8% compared to the same month of 2019, totaling 488,228 passengers. This drop corresponds to a decrease of 47,093 passengers compared to the arrivals registered in February 2019.    Tourist arrivals in February 2020

As the February Arrivals Table reveals , the decline is primarily based on a -36.7% reduction in US tourists. Among the other negative emitting countries, there are also Germany (-21.8%), Argentina (-20.2%) and more. Positive issuing countries in February On the other hand, arrivals in February 2020 have grown from 12 of the first 20 issuing countries. Among them are: Canada (+5.0); France (+ 1.9%); Russia (+ 41.3%); Spain (+12.5); United Kingdom (+ 21.1%); Italy (+ 22.5%); and Colombia (+ 12.0%), among others. Accumulated January-February 2019 The flow of foreign tourists to the  Dominican Republic  in the  January-February 2020 period  recorded a 9.0%  decrease  compared to the same period of the previous year, totaling  962,380  arrivals at the country's airport terminals. North America However, the majority of tourists this February 2020 came from North America . From there, more than 261,000 Canadians, almost 246,000 Americans and about 7,500 Mexicans (-4.3%) arrived. Europe Russia , with some 57,000 passengers, is positioned as the first European market in the first two months of 2020 (3rd in the general ranking). France follows , with some 53,000 passengers; and Germany , with some 26,000 travelers, which shows a 28-month long negative trend . The United Kingdom , Spain and Italy received some 23,000 tourists. South America Argentina , with almost 30,000 arrivals, is the main South American market. However, for 16 months this country has maintained a negative trend . While Brazil, with some 20,000 visitors, increases + 1.3%. Just as Venezuela , with some 16,000 tourists, rises 33.1%. Likewise, Colombia , with some 18,000 tourists, grows 3.9%. On the other hand, Chile , with some 19,000 passengers, decreased 14.9%. Central America and the Caribbean In Central America and the Caribbean , Puerto Rico stands out , with some 11,000 tourists in January-February 2020 (+ 10.3%). Airport Arrivals The Airport Arrivals Table shows that the Punta Cana International Airport  has received some 593,000 non-resident foreign passengers (-15% of arrivals) this January-February 2020. Thus, it is confirmed as the country's air terminal with the highest traffic, welcoming 61.6% of arrivals in the country. They are followed by Las Américas Airport ( Santo Domingo ) with around 160,000 passengers (+ 4.9%) and Puerto Plata , with around 100,000 (-3.9%). La Romana International Airport In the first two months of 2020, about 50,000 tourists arrived at La Romana Casa de Campo International Airport (+ 11.2%). Almost 25,000 of them arrived from Russia and about 5,000 from Ukraine with Azur Air routes . Italians were almost 10,000. From North America , more than 8,000 Canadians came.


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