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La flor de Bayahibe: Flor nacional de la Republica Dominicana

The Bayahíbe rose (being its scientific name Pereskia quisqueyana) It is endemic to the Dominican Republic, it is found only and exclusively in the town of Bayahíbe Village, located in the La Altagracia province. Unfortunately it is an endangered specie.

Discovered in 1977 by the French botanist Alain Liogier in Bayahíbe and was declared a new specie for science in 1980. It was declared a national flower on July 13, 2011 through Dominican Law 146-11.

The beauty of the Rose of Bayahíbe Village amazes with its beautiful pink color and its delicate petals.

It belongs to the cactus family and it is one of the few cactus with leaves, reaching up to six meters in height.


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