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Larimar - National stone of the Dominican Republic

BAYAHIBE - It is a unique variety of pectolite, blue like the sea, and found exclusively in the south of the Dominican Republic. It was discovered in 1916 by the priest Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren, who was the first to discover the blue rock and requested a permit to explore it, but it was denied.

Later in 1974 on a beach on the Barahona coast, Miguel Méndez and Norman Rilling, rediscovered Larimar. The inhabitants of the place who believed that this rock came from the sea, called it Blue Rock. However, its current name is due to Méndez, who by integrating the name of his daughter, called Larissa, and the word sea in Spanish, due to the colors of the water of the Caribbean Sea where it was found, formed the word Lari-Mar.

The rocks they found were remains that had been washed out to sea by the Bahoruco River. After many investigations, the origin of the rocks was found, which became the Los Chupaderos mine. This place is the same one that the priest had found in 1916. Since then, November 22 has been commemorated as "National Larimar Day." Precious jewels are made from this stone and can be found in gift shops.

It was declared a national stone of the Dominican Republic in 2011 with Law No. 296. This gem is a symbol of the identity and cultural heritage of the nation.


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