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Holy Week in Dominican Republic

Bayahibe - Catholicism is the predominant religion in the Dominican Republic and therefore the celebration of Holy Week is very important. For many, it becomes a week of rest and they take the opportunity to retire from the city to the various fields, beaches, and rivers of the country. The most important days go from crucifixion Friday, on this day they usually keep silent in homes and take advantage of the day to reflect and meditate, to resurrection Sunday which is a day of celebration, and churches and houses are usually decorated with palm leaves as a symbol of resurrection.

Something very particular is that these days, abstinence from eating meat is promoted. We can also not fail to mention the typical dessert that is special for these dates such as ‘’habichuelas con dulce’’ (sweet beans) and is prepared with different ingredients depending on the region of the country. It should be noted that due to our African influences and our brother country Haiti, in some fields of the country they perform various religious rituals typical of the culture.


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