The Dominican flag

A rectangle divided into four areas by a white cross. The cross symbolizes the struggle for freedom. The white color praises the peace and unity that must exist between Dominicans.The blue color, on the other hand, indicates progress and the desire to innovate. Finally, the red signifies the blood shed for the nation. The Dominican flag is the only one in the world to have the Bible inside.

The shield in the center shows the colors of the flag and is surmounted by a golden cross, flanked by 3 gold spears on each side. The Bible is in its center and is open to the Gospel of John 8: 31,32 which contains the phrase "The truth will set you free".

On the sides of the shield there are a laurel branch and a palm frond.

At the bottom, a red ribbon shows the name of the nation while the blue one at the top features the national motto: “Dios, Patria, Libertad”.

Just look at the flag to understand how central the role of religion, especially Catholicism, is in the Dominican Republic.