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Limè: the typical Dominican dolls

The Dominican Republic is a mixture of different cultures.

This characteristic is the basis of the handicrafts produced by local artists. It all began in 1981 by the Dominican artist Liliana Mera Limè, who created dolls, Limé dolls, with colorful and faceless dresses.This is in fact their unique trait.

The absence of features represents the varied Dominican cultural landscape, made up of various ethnic groups. The population does not recognize itself in one but embraces them all.

These dolls are made from clay or ceramic and come in various sizes and colors. The version that is almost always found is the female one with a long dress and a wide-brimmed hat.

Since October 2018, human-sized Limè dolls have been exhibited along Calle Conde, the main pedestrian street of the Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo.


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