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Altea Bayahibe

Altea is a very special place located in Bayahibe, La Romana. It was designed in Italy and inspired by the Greek style; hence the choice of the name Altea. From the Greek Althàia means "the one who heals". The interiors were designed by interior designer Arianna De Luca.

Altea is a private villa / residence. Similar to a palace, it currently has capacity for 26 people with different types of accommodation equipped with many services and amenities.

Altea is not just a private villa, it is an international exchange center for cultures, experiences and the ideal place for travelers. The structure is suitable for short and long stays, for professional events and recreational events, for seminars or international exchanges.

Altea is mainly an international community of young people who form a strong team capable of serving our guests with personalized services, in a family atmosphere, trying to satisfy all requests. Altea is a place to socialize, meet new people, make music and discuss art. Altea is not a place for tourists, but for curious travelers who have respect for others and for our world.

Altea is also the place where social projects are created, conceived and implemented to improve and help protect the culture, traditions and nature of this beautiful country, which are increasingly disfigured by the endless privatizations. BOOK NOW

Hotel Altea Bayahibe
Altea Bayahibe

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